closed functor

closed functor
Математика: замкнутый функтор

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  • Closed monoidal category — In mathematics, especially in category theory, a closed monoidal category is a context where we can take tensor products of objects and also form mapping objects . A classic example is the category of sets, Set, where the tensor product of sets A …   Wikipedia

  • Functor category — In category theory, a branch of mathematics, the functors between two given categories can themselves be turned into a category; the morphisms in this functor category are natural transformations between functors. Functor categories are of… …   Wikipedia

  • Closed category — In category theory, a branch of mathematics, a closed category is a special kind of category. In any category (more precisely, in any locally small category), the morphisms between any two given objects x and y comprise a set, the external hom (x …   Wikipedia

  • Cartesian closed category — In category theory, a category is cartesian closed if, roughly speaking, any morphism defined on a product of two objects can be naturally identified with a morphism defined on one of the factors. These categories are particularly important in… …   Wikipedia

  • Hom functor — In mathematics, specifically in category theory, Hom sets, i.e. sets of morphisms between objects, give rise to important functors to the category of sets. These functors are called Hom functors and have numerous applications in category theory… …   Wikipedia

  • Predicate functor logic — In mathematical logic, predicate functor logic (PFL) is one of several ways to express first order logic (formerly known as predicate logic) by purely algebraic means, i.e., without quantified variables. PFL employs a small number of algebraic… …   Wikipedia

  • Direct image functor — In mathematics, in the field of sheaf theory and especially in algebraic geometry, the direct image functor generalizes the notion of a section of a sheaf to the relative case. Contents 1 Definition 1.1 Example 1.2 Variants …   Wikipedia

  • Exceptional inverse image functor — In mathematics, more specifically sheaf theory, a branch of topology and algebraic geometry, the exceptional inverse image functor is the fourth and most sophisticated in a series of image functors for sheaves. It is needed to express Verdier… …   Wikipedia

  • Inverse image functor — In mathematics, the inverse image functor is a contravariant construction of sheaves. The direct image functor is the primary operation on sheaves, with the simplest definition. The inverse image exhibits some relatively subtle… …   Wikipedia

  • Spectrum of a ring — In abstract algebra and algebraic geometry, the spectrum of a commutative ring R , denoted by Spec( R ), is defined to be the set of all proper prime ideals of R . It is commonly augmented with the Zariski topology and with a structure sheaf,… …   Wikipedia

  • Comma category — In mathematics, a comma category (a special case being a slice category) is a construction in category theory. It provides another way of looking at morphisms: instead of simply relating objects of a category to one another, morphisms become… …   Wikipedia

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